New Circus

We proudly present all 26 letters of the alphabet in Ben Eine's iconic New Circus Font. Now you you have the chance to combine them according to your personal taste. Through the combination of three UV prints on perspex with a gold foil, the prints have a three dimensional look, that impressively highlights the different elements of Ben Eine's "New Circus" font.

Contrary to classic printing techniques, the prints on perspex are able to simulate the origin of the Circus font perfectly. All the prints are handsigned on a label and are published as an open edition. 

The stripes, that are characteristic for the Circus Font, originate in the streets of London - or on the shutters of its store fronts to be precise. Ben Eine often paints his murals on shutters. Due to their structure, he was inspired to paint their horizontal braces in different colors to highlight them.This three-dimensional formation can now be found in the 3D perspex prints.

Ben Eine signature